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Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Freedom Consulting Group provides expert support to clients faced with managing large volumes of data. Our Data Warehousing development and management services include ingestion of large volumes of data, data normalization, data modeling, and the creation of structures like star schemas to facilitate end-user reporting. We also provide business intelligence services, including custom reports, cubes, and visualization dashboards.

Proven Data Warehousing and BI Experts

Freedom's Data Warehousing work for our clients includes:

  • Cognos Business Intelligence implementation and support, as well as development of reporting services using the Cognos BI suite of tools.
  • Designing new data warehouse architectures.
  • Migrating data from legacy servers and databases to new servers and databases.
  • Developing advanced Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processing from source systems to the data warehouse, using tools such as Informatica and Oracle Warehouse Builder.
  • Providing tuning efforts to optimize the performance of the database as well as the ETL scripts.
  • Using advanced data warehousing structures such as star schemas, and advanced user reporting and data mining.
  • Supporting high data ingest rates and multi-terabyte databases.