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Geospatial Information Systems

Freedom Consulting Group provides Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) support and services, addressing development and lifecycle support of numerous multi-terabyte Oracle SDO and ESRI ArcSDE spatial databases, as well as Image Server, ArcGIS, AGX, and Google web server applications. Freedom is an ESRI partner with numerous GIS subject matter experts on staff.

Go-To Provider for GIS

Freedom is a pioneer in the development of large raster enterprise systems. We've worked extensively with ESRI and clients to extend product capabilities to handle vast amounts of raster data over a large, worldwide enterprise. This work has resulted in ESRI awarding their 2010 Federal Partner of the Year award to Freedom Consulting Group.

Freedom provides a range of GIS-related services, including:

  • Development and support of an enterprise-wide spatial database providing up-to-date worldwide National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) base map data to all intelligence analysts.
  • Development and support of very large, spatially enabled enterprise raster databases, accomplished through close collaboration with our client and ESRI product development team and senior management to extend ESRI's product capabilities.
  • Development of large vector databases utilizing both ESRI SDE and Oracle SDO technologies.
  • Performance tuning a GIS enterprise system.
  • Development of custom web services and other applications utilizing spatial data.
  • Development of ArcGIS extensions.
  • Spatially enabling existing database systems and applications and exploiting spatial data to provide more rich information to users.