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Freedom Consulting Group is a Master Contractor in the Consulting and Technical Services (CATS II) Program. Under this contract, Freedom offers state government a wide range of IT consulting, software and technical services.

Services and Products

The objective of this Master Contract is to enable State government to procure IT consulting and technical services in a timely and economical manner. CATS II gives the State a flexible means to quickly, efficiently and cost effectively obtain IT resources by issuing Task Orders (TO) specific to its needs.

Under the terms of its Master Contractor agreement, Freedom is qualified to provide services and products in the functional areas described below:

  • Functional Area 1, Enterprise Service Provider
  • Functional Area 2, Web and Internet Systems
  • Functional Area 3, Electronic Document Management
  • Functional Area 4, Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Functional Area 5, Software Engineering
  • Functional Area 6, Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance
  • Functional Area 7, Information System Security
  • Functional Area 8, Application Service Provider
  • Functional Area 9, IT and Telecommunications Financial and Auditing Consulting Services
  • Functional Area 10, IT Management Consulting Services
  • Functional Area 11, Business Process Consulting Services
  • Functional Area 15, Electronic Benefit Transfer
  • Functional Area 16, Media and Training Center Support
  • Functional Area 17, Documentation/Technical Writing