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About Us

The key to Freedom Consulting Group is the word “Freedom.” Freedom Consulting Group was created to provide it’s employees with the “Freedom” to grow and focus on their skills, not administrivia and unnecessary corporate hoops. Our goal is to provide an environment and culture that allows our employees to succeed and grow as IT consultants.

At Freedom Consulting Group, we believe our reputation is everything.  We ensure our customers always come first and that the work we perform is of the highest quality. We do this through the creation of positive relationships with our customers and providing proactive management of our team of highly trained engineers. At Freedom, we have created a culture where information and expertise are shared, allowing both junior and senior engineers to thrive. Our technical teams focus on the use of the right technology to create flexible, repeatable solutions for our customers.

When establishing Freedom, the founders’ intent was to build the type of company they wanted to work for.  They wanted to create a company where its customers and employees were the most important part of the business.

Our Leadership Team


Dana Gift



Norm Walters

Chief Operating Officer


Scott Beall

Chief Technology Officer

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