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Freedom Consulting Group’s experienced team has expertise and a proven track record of delivery in a variety of different information technology fields. Our core skill sets include Database Architecture and Systems Development, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, Geospatial Information Systems, Software and Web Development, and PeopleSoft Development.

data engineering

Data Engineering &
Data Analytics

From Hadoop Clusters to Oracle Relational Databases, we manage some of the biggest databases in the world.

Freedom Consulting Group provides data engineering support to our clients including the design and maintenance of relational/SQL and big data/NoSQL databases.  We provide design, maintenance and support for relational databases such as: Oracle, MySQL and Postgres.  We develop cloud-based database solutions using Hadoop, Accumulo, MongoDB, and others.  We also produce systems that perform high ingest and rapid retrieval.

Freedom Consulting Group provides our customers with the a wide array of relational database services including :

  • Large databases design and maintenance.
  • Geospatial databases.
  • Complex database architectures.
  • COOP planning and 24/7 operations architectures.
  • High ingestion database applications.
  • Backup and recovery.
  • Database design and data modeling.
  • Database performance tuning.
  • Database security.

Freedom’s employees are also subject matter experts in more traditional database administration functions such as:

  • Proper database installation.
  • Database configuration.
  • Database maintenance and upgrades.
  • Capacity planning.

In all aspects, our database engineers understand the importance of taking the time to do things right the first time.

business intelligence


Bring meaning to the term “Business Intelligence” and develop systems that support business professionals within the intelligence community.

Freedom Consulting Group provides support to our clients in the development and management of data analytics and data warehousing capabilities – including the ingestion of large volumes of data, Extract/Transform and Load (ETL) processes, and data modeling to facilitate end-user reporting. We also provide business intelligence services, including custom reports, cubes and dashboards, using reporting tools like IBM Cognos as well as other tools, such as Informatica and Pentaho.  We are experts at creating data analytics that help our customers solve complex problems.

Freedom’s Data Warehousing portfolio for our clients includes:

  • Cognos Business Intelligence implementation and support, as well as development of reporting services using the Cognos BI suite of tools.
  • Designing new data warehouse architectures.
  • Migrating data from legacy systems to new servers and databases.
  • Developing advanced Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processing from source systems to the data warehouse, using tools such as Informatica and Oracle Warehouse Builder.
  • Providing tuning efforts to optimize the performance of the database as well as the ETL scripts.
  • Using advanced data warehousing structures such as star schemas, and advanced user reporting and data mining.
  • Supporting high data ingest rates and multi-terabyte databases.


Information Systems

Help map the world and build systems that allow intel analysts to find bad guys. We work with bleeding edge GIS technologies, both COTS and open source.

Freedom Consulting Group provides GIS support and GIS analytics to our clients in the form of development and lifecycle support of numerous multi-terabyte Oracle and ArcSDE spatial databases, as well as Image Server, ArcGIS, AGX, and Google web server applications. We are one of the few companies with expertise in developing large scale enterprise GIS systems. Freedom is an ESRI partner and has numerous GIS subject matter experts on staff.

Freedom is a pioneer in the development of large raster enterprise systems. We’ve worked extensively with ESRI and clients to extend product capabilities to handle vast amounts of raster data over a large, worldwide enterprise. This work has resulted in ESRI awarding their 2010 Federal Partner of the Year award to Freedom Consulting Group.

Freedom provides a range of GIS-related services, including:

  • Development and support of an enterprise-wide spatial database providing up-to-date worldwide National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) base map data to all intelligence analysts.
  • Augmentation and support of massive spatially enabled enterprise raster databases, accomplished through close collaboration with our client and ESRI product development team and senior management to extend ESRI’s product capabilities.
  • Development of large vector databases utilizing both ESRI SDE and Oracle SDO technologies.
  • Performance tuning a GIS enterprise system.
  • Production of custom web services and other applications utilizing spatial data.
  • Advancement of ArcGIS extensions.
  • Spatially enabling existing database systems and applications and exploiting spatial data to provide more rich information to users.

software engineering


Build systems that interface with large databases and help analysts find our adversaries. Our software engineers use the latest tools and techniques.

Freedom Consulting Group provides support to our clients in the development and management of software and web application projects, including large custom applications using Java, .NET, C++, the MEAN stack (MongoDB/Express/AngularJS and NodeJS) and various frameworks such as Spring and Groovy on Grails. We also work with the latest AJAX frameworks including AngularJS and ReactJS. Since most software and web development is performed on systems with a database, our employees understand the relationships between all tiers in an application architecture and how to properly utilize them.  We are experts at Object Relational Mappers (ORMs) such as Hibernate and Linq. 

Freedom’s software and web development services include:

  • Gathering and documenting requirements.
  • Defining, designing, developing, and deploying software and web applications.
  • Application upgrades.
  • Comprehensive testing.
  • Java/J2EE, .NET, C, C++.
  • Groovy/Grails, Spring.
  • JSP, Javascript, PERL, scripting languages.
  • PL/SQL and other database related languages.

Since most software and web development is performed on systems with back end databases, it’s imperative for our software developers to understand how to properly utilize the database in order to build effective performance applications.

cloud computing


Work with the latest in cloud based systems such as Amazon Web Services (including GovCloud and C2S) and Openstack.

Freedom Consulting Group provides IT Infrastructure support and Cloud computing services to its customers.  We provide our customers with strategies to help plan critical data migrations, and design cloud solutions that provide proper scaling and performance.  We provide services to plan the migration of applications and infrastructure swiftly and safely and partner with Cloud providers such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. We also provide support for other virtualization products such as VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V and RedHat Virtualization.  We have extensive experience in lab setup and management – including both bare metal and virtualized servers, storage systems and network devices.

Freedom’s PeopleSoft capabilities include:

  • Participation in Fit/Gap Analysis.
  • Design and development of “bolt-on” applications and other custom functionality to bridge gaps.
  • Back end database and application/web server setup.
  • Setup, maintenance, and tuning of PeopleSoft application servers, process schedulers, and integration broker processes.
  • Release planning, coordination, and implementation.
  • Planning, coordinating, and implementing PeopleTools and PeopleSoft application upgrades.

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